Kitchen propulsion with attachments

Catering equipment – kitchen propulsion with attachments

Kitchen propulsion

NMK 110

The NMK 110C propulsion is the main element of a multifunction machine, which, together with appropriately selected attachments, can do all tasks related to the mechanical processing of food in a professional kitchen, replacing many devices.

• Dimensions on legs WxDxH (mm) 470x260x400

• Dimensions on the stand WxDxH (mm) 730x720x900

• Weight (kg) 29

• Rated power (kW) 1.1

• Power supply (V) 3 x 400

• Revolutions (min-1) 170

• NMK-SP sliding stand

• Legs for NMK-NN propulsion

• Set of hooks for NMK-LP propulsion

• Meat grinder attachment – MKM82S

• Vegetable grinding attachment – MKJ250C

• Sausage and bread slicing attachment – MKW250

• Puree attachment – MKZ20

• Chops cutting attachment – MKS50

• Attachment for foam whisking and dough kneading – MKP25

• Tool sharpening attachment – MKO200

• Tripe cutting attachment – MKF5

Vegetable attachment


The attachment is used to chop all kinds of raw vegetables. Made of stainless steel, it is equipped with a proximity sensor allowing for safe operation of the device. The use of an appropriate disc allows you to obtain the desired result of the processed vegetables.
The attachment is sold without the additional discs.

Meat grinder attachment


The stainless steel meat grinder attachment, equipped with three sieves, a cutter and two types of knives, allows you to obtain the required grinding results with a very high actual capacity up to 300 kg / h.

• Dimensions L x W x H 415x242x270

• Diameter of the sieves (mm) 81.5

• Diameter of the knives (mm) 72

• Bowl dimensions (mm) 350x242x95

• Speed (in spins per min) (min-1) 170

• Capacity (kg / h) 150 – 300

• Weight (kg) 8

Accessories supplied with the attachement:

• one-sided knife

• reversible knife

• a cutter

• ø3, ø5, ø8 sieve

• tarnamid retaining ring

Attachment for foam whisking and dough kneading


The attachment is used for whipping cream, eggs, mixing all kinds of creams, mayonnaise and for kneading light dough (such as a cake and pancake or crepes one). Made of stainless steel and duralumin.

• Dimensions L x W x H 500x340x550

• Bowl capacity (dm3) 25

• Tamping speed (min-1) 268

• Rotation kneading (min-1) 149

• Weight (kg) 20.5

• stirrer 

• foam breaker

• kneader

Rurée attachment


The attachment is used to prepare mashed potatoes, puree soups and chopped, cooked vegetables.
It is made of stainless steel and polished duralumin.

• Dimensions L x W x H 500x340x470

• Diameter of the sieve holes (mm) 6 and 3 (option)

• Tank capacity (dm3) 20

• Rotation speed of the sieve (min-1) 128

• Weight (kg) 11.5

Included accessories:

• ø330 mm sieve with ø6 mm holes

• complete sieve for puree/mash

Optionally, available for purchase::

• ø330 mm sieve with ø3 mm holes

Cutlet cutting attachment


Made of stainless steel and duralumin, the MKS50 chopper thanks to multi-knife rollers allows you to improve the preparation of cutlets.
After processing, the meat is softer and the marinating process is much faster.

• Dimensions L x W x H 340 x 165 x 310

• Diameter of the knives (mm) 54

• Speed (in spins per min) (min-1) 170/370

• Capacity (pcs / h) 300

• Weight (kg) 8

Tools sharpening attachment


The attachment is used to sharpen cutting elements used in every kitchen, such as kitchen knives, butcher knives, cleavers, etc.

• Dimensions L x W x H 260x230x215

• Weight (kg) 6.5

• Speed of the grinding wheel (min. − 1) 170

• Diameter of the grinding wheel (mm) 200

• Noise (dB) does not exceed 80 dB

Tripe cutting attachment


Attachment for cutting the tripe into stripes. The split duralumin and stainless steel housing makes it easy to clean.

• Dimensions L x W x H 340 x 165 x 310

• Diameter of the knives (mm) 58

• Width of the cut strips (mm) 5.4 / 4.0

• Speed (in spins per min) (min-1) 170/370

• Capacity (kg / h) 40-60

• Weight (kg) 7

Attachment for cutting cold meats (ham) and bread


Attachment for slicing cured meats (ham) and bread with a thickness of 1-16mm. Made of stainless steel.
The movable table is equipped with a pusher and a cover to prevent user injury.

• Dimensions L x W x H 425x410x340

• Diameter of the circular knife (mm) 250

• Bread capacity (kg / h) 20 – 60

• Ham capacity (kg / h) 20 – 40

• Weight (kg) 10

Discs and accessories for the attachment MKJ250C

Tarcza MKJ250C-3.00 tarcza do kostki 10x10x10mm


Lettice for cubes (10x10x10 mm)


Zespół noża MKJ250C-4


Knife assembly for the “lettice for cubes” position


Tarcza z nożem nastawnym ( plastry od 0 - 8 mm) MKJ250C


Disc with an adjustable knife (slices from 0-8 mm)

Tarcza do plastrów 2mm MKJ250C-6


Disc with 2-knife blade (for 2 mm slices)


Tarka do tarcia ziemniaków MKJ250C-7


Potato grating disc


Tarcza z tarką wiórki 3x1 mm MKJ250C-8


Disc with a very fine grater (shavings 3 × 1 mm)


Tarcza z tarką drobną wiórki 3x1.5mm MKJ250C-9


Disc with fine grater (shavings 3 × 1.5 mm)


MKJ250C-10 Tarcza z tarką średnią wiórki 5x2.5mm


Disc with medium grater (shavings 5 × 2.5 mm)

Tarcza z tarką zgrubna wiórki 7x2.7 mm MKJ250C-11


Disc with coarse grater (shavings 7 × 2.7 mm)


Krata do kostek MKJ250C-12 (16x16x10 mm)


Lettice for cubes (16x16x10 mm)

Tarcza MKJ250C-3.00 tarcza do kostki 10x10x10mm


Lettice for cubes (8x8x10 mm)


Tarcza do beleczek MKJ-250C-14 (6x6 mm)


Disc for sticks (6×6 mm)


Stojak do tarcz MKJ250C MKJ250C-0.1.00


Disc stand MKJ250C


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